vulkan video vp9 decode - radv update

While going over the AV1 a few people commented on the lack of VP9 and a few people said it would be an easier place to start etc.

Daniel Almeida at Collabora took a first pass at writing the spec up, and I decided to go ahead and take it to a working demo level.

Lynne was busy, and they'd already said it should take an afternoon, so I decided to have a go at writing the ffmpeg side for it as well as finish off Daniel's radv code.

About 2 mins before I finished for the weekend on Friday, I got a single frame to decode, and this morning I finished off the rest to get at least 2 test videos I downloaded to work.

Branches are at [1] and [2]. There is only 8-bit support so far and I suspect some cleaning up is required.




  1. Any chance we'll also get VP9 encode too? Lots of mobile SoCs and Intel GPUs support it...


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