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DirectX on Linux - what it is/isn't

This morning I saw two things that were Microsoft and Linux graphics related. a) DirectX on Linux for compute workloads b) Linux GUI apps on Windows At first I thought these were related, but it appears at least presently these are quite orthogonal projects. First up clarify for the people who jump to insane conclusions: The DX on Linux is a WSL2 only thing. Microsoft are not any way bringing DX12 to Linux outside of the Windows environment. They are also in no way open sourcing any of the DX12 driver code. They are recompiling the DX12 userspace drivers (from GPU vendors) into Linux shared libraries, and running them on a kernel driver shim that transfers the kernel interface up to the closed source Windows kernel driver. This is in no way useful for having DX12 on Linux baremetal or anywhere other than in a WSL2 environment. It is not useful for Linux gaming. Microsoft have sub