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nouveau GSP firmware support - current state

Linus has pulled the initial GSP firmware support for nouveau. This is just the first set of work to use the new GSP firmware and there are likely many challenges and improvements ahead. To get this working you need to install the firmware which hasn't landed in linux-firmware yet. For Fedora this copr has the firmware in the necessary places:  Hopefully we can upstream that in next week or so. If you have an ADA based GPU then it should just try and work out of the box, if you have Turing or Ampere you currently need to pass nouveau.config=NvGspRm=1 on the kernel command line to attempt to use GSP. Going forward, I've got a few fixes and stabilization bits to land, which we will concentrate on for 6.7, then going forward we have to work out how to keep it up to date and support new hardware and how to add new features.