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virgl - exposes GLES3.1/3.2 and GL4.3

I'd had a bit of a break from adding feature to virgl while I was working on radv, but recently Google and Collabora have started to invest in virgl as a solution. A number of developers from both companies have joined the project. This meant trying to get virgl to pass their dEQP suite and adding support for newer GL/GLES feature levels. They also have a goal for the renderer to run on a host GLES implementation whereas it currently only ran on a host GL. Over the past few months I've worked with the group to add support for all the necessary features needed for guest GLES3.1 support (for them) and GL4.3 (for me). The feature list was roughly: tessellation shaders fp64 support ARB_gpu_shader5 support Shader buffer objects Shader image objects Compute shaders Copy Image Texture views With this list implemented we achieved GL4.3 and GLES3.1. However Marek@AMD did some work on exposing ASTC for gallium drivers, and with some extra work on EXT_shader_framebuffer