lavapipe reporting Vulkan 1.1 (not compliant)

The lavapipe vulkan software rasterizer in Mesa is now reporting Vulkan 1.1 support.

It passes all CTS tests for those new features in 1.1 but it stills fails all the same 1.0 tests so isn't that close to conformant. (lines/point rendering are the main areas of issue).

There are also a bunch of the 1.2 features implemented so that might not be too far away though 16-bit shader ops and depth resolve are looking a bit tricky.

If there are any specific features anyone wants to see or any crazy places/ideas for using lavapipe out there, please either file a gitlab issue or hit me up on twitter @DaveAirlie


  1. I was thinking that lavapipe would be a intereting tool to use for VFX companies who want to write vulkan compute shader based programs, want to run those programs on their massive CPU render farms. Right now, if companies want to invest in dev time for GPU accelerated programs, it has to be justified by having the hardware in place. But then they won't buy the hardware because its seen as a risk. Being able to write software once and have it run on both CPU/GPU is a plus (like opencl which isn't really used in vfx much).

    1. I was thinking exactly what Daniel was thinking. Also a big stretch, but the raytracing extensions come to mind also but probably way out of scope.


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